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President opens 66/11KV subpower station and electricity grid in Kale

President opens 66/11KV subpower station and electricity grid in Kale

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President U Thein Sein unveiled the stone plaque to open the 66/11KV Kale subpower station in sagaing region yesterday.


Speaking at the opening ceremony, Union Minister U Khin Maung soe recounted that Kale was first fed with electricity in 1955 by a diesel-fired station.


Under the guidance of the president, the town got a 500KVA power station on 19 May 2012 and a 1250KVA one on 9 september 2014. The Minstry of Electric Power has plans to electrify the whole town in 2016-17 fiscal year, with the union minister stressing the difficulty involved in the installation of the electricity grid in the area.


The installation of the Gangaw-Kalay electricity grid and the construction of subpower stations started on 6 January 2015 and completed on 8 February 2016.


The projects cost Us$20.3 million in material purchase and K3.850 billion ($3.125m) in construction.


The government loses 22 kyats for every unit sold, with the union minister saying that the selling price for a unit is 35 kyats for household use and 75 kyats for industrial use. The selling price averages about 71 kyats a unit, against the production cost of 93 kyats a unit.


Kale in sagaing region is located in a strategic trade hub close to India and Chin State.


The newly opened power station and the electricity grid is expected to bring about socioeconomic development in the town.




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