Vice President U Henry Van thio tours Haka, Htantalan

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Vice President U Henry Van Thio has assisted in development tasks in Haka and Htantalan in Chin State yesterday.

At the meeting with the Vice President, local people in Haka discussed several issues including disaster preparedness, transport, health and infrastructure.

U Henry Van Thio presented K10 million to authorities to spend on education and health sectors in Haka Township while union ministers, who toured the town along with the Vice President, handed over solar panels, environmental friendly stoves, blankets and cash for disaster preparedness.

Following the meeting, the Vice President and party visited the Htantalan No. 1 Basic Education High School.

At the meeting with local people, he assisted in supply power and water and building infrastructures in Htantalan.

Vice President U Henry Van Thio also clarified the incumbent government’s efforts for achieving eternal peace in the country and building a federal democratic nation.