KIA, TNLA and MNDAA launch coordinated surprised attacks in Muse, Kutkai Townships

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The Myanmar National Dem ocratic Alliance Army KIA the TNLA and - (MNDAA) launched coordinated surprised attacks on military outposts, police stations and a trade centre in Muse and Kutkai Townships in Northern Shan State early morning yesterday, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.

The attacks claimed lives of some security personnel as well as innocent people, according to the information committee.

The attackers also tried to blow up three bridges I n the area, the committee said.

At about 2 am yesterday, they assaulted the police garrison in front of the office of the Road Transport Administration Department in Muse and the police and local people’s militia had to repel them until they pull out southeastward.

At about 2.30 am, estimated 200 combined troops of the KIA and the MNDAA raided a government troops’ outpost in front of Mongko police station in Ward-6, Mongko in Muse Township, while government troops’ outpost in Phoungsai was attacked by about 100 of the combined groups and government troops’ outpost in Mankan came under attack by about 80 of them. All outposts of the government troops returned fire until they ran away.

At about 6 am, some 50 troops of the two groups launched an attack on a government troops’ outpost in Ward-1 in Kyukoke-Pangsang area while Pangsang police station was fired with heavy weapons from affiliated basic education high school in Pangsang. Later, they had to yeild to the return-fire of the government security forces.

At about 6.20 am, police security troops for Nangpau Bridge came under the attack of about 100 TNLA troops and reinforcement to the bridge police had to fight another group of about 40 TNLA troops. The two groups withdrew separately to the east and west. One army soldier, three policemen and a civilian lost their lives in the incidents while one policeman was injured and five assorted arms were lost. About two feet of the floor of the bridge was also damaged during the attacks.

At about half past six, 105- mile trade zone southeast of Muse and a government troops’ outpost was attacked with heavy weapons and small arms by about 150 troops of the KIA and the TNLA while about 30 troops of the TNLA attacked the Pangsang Gate. All of them had to withdraw due to the resistance of the government security forces. When they withdrew due to the return-fire of the security forces, one people’s militia and two innocent people lost their lives during the attacks and eight policemen, two customs staffers and 15 people injured in the fightings while the police lost 3 assorted weapons.

About 50 members of the TNLA also launched an attack on Kyinsankyawk (honang) Police outpost, 12 miles northeast of Muse with heavy weapons and small arms but they had to withdraw when meeting with the resistance.

Moreover, Sumlon Bridge on Lashio-Muse Road and Nangpau bridge were blown up at 3.30 am and 6.45 am respectively and three shops near the latter bridge were also burnt down. About one square foot of the former was damaged. The floor and rails of Namtu Bridge were also damaged slightly due to an explosion in which three pedestrians were injured.

Due to the attacks of the three groups, a total of eight people including one soldier, three policemen, one people’s militiaman and three people lost their lives and 29 people including nine policemen, two customs staffers and 18 people were injured. The police lost eight assorted weapons. Tatmadaw columns and the police are in hot pursuit of the attackers to protect the lives and property of the people.