Rakhine investigation commission asks for more time due to new human rights allegations

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Jan 30, 2017

The government commission charged with investigating the violent attacks in October and November in Maungtaw township, Rakhine State said yesterday that they need more time before submitting their report due to new human rights allegations, according to a statement from the president’s office.

The investigation commission was formed on 1 December by the President’s Office to probe into events that may have led to the violent armed attacks on border police outposts in Maungtaw in October and November that claimed the lives of nine border guards. In the weeks and months that followed, security forces and the tatmadaw conducted numerous area clearance operations in Maungtaw and surrounding areas in order to restore peace and find possible perpetrators of the violent attacks. There were some reports of violence against Maungtaw villagers that included torture.

Yesterday, through a statement released by the president’s office, the investigation commission said fresh claims of abuses have necessitated an indefinite extension of the 31 January deadline for submitting their report.

“New allegations on human rights have arisen in Rakhine State, and the period for submitting the investigation report to the President is extended until the end of the probe into the new allegations,” according to the statement.