Myanmar Clarifies Myanmar-India Demarcation Fencing in Naga Self-administered Zone

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Nay Pyi Taw,. Jan 9

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clarified the Myanmar-India demarcation fencing between BP- 145 & BP-146 in order for the public to be informed of the true situation and of the mutual cooperation on border affairs between Myanmar and India.

In the clarification, it is described that the major objective of Myanmar’s arrangement to construct a border fence between BP-145 & BP-146 is to hinder the construction of buildings in Myanmar’s territory beyond the demarcation line between the two countries. It is absolutely not, for the people from both sides, to restrict the regular travel in official ways in accord with their traditions and customs. It is intended for our regional authorities to effectively perform the management of the border affairs.

It is also stated that Myanmar will carry out, in accordance with the prescriptions of Myanmar-India border agreement signed by both sides, in constructing the demarcation fencing. According to the agreement, Myanmar will construct the fencing in Myanmar territory 10 meters from the demarcation border line. It has been arranged for doors and gates to be made at the necessary places, for the convenience of the regional people.