JMC-U 16th meeting day two continues

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May 11, 2018 

THE Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-U) 16th meeting continued for second  day at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre (NRPC) in Yangon yesterday morning.

The meeting was attendedby JMC-U Chairman Lt-Gen Yar Pyae and Tatmadaw representatives Lt-Gen Aye Win, Lt-Gen Than Tun Oo, JMC-U Vice Chairman (1) Saw Isaac Po and heads of ethnic armed organizations, JMC-U Vice Chairman (2) U Pyae Sone and civilian representatives and members of the technical assistance office.

Commenting about the meeting, JMC-U Secretary (1) Dr Shwe Kha said the second general meeting of JMC was held a couple of days ago. Decisions and records of the general meeting were approved in the JMC-U meeting. In addition to this, conducting office works and office personnel matters were also approved. Discussion on the current occurrence related to KNU Brigade 5 were also discussed he said.

After two days of JMC-U meeting that was started on 10 May, implementation of decisions made at the 15th meeting, discussions made at the secretariat meetings of the various levels of JMC, discussions made at the 3rd JMC civilian representatives meeting, summary of the discussions made at the second general meeting were submitted, discussion on ceasefire implementation between 15th and 16th meetings and general discussions were conducted.

After the conclusion of the second day meeting, a press conference was held. In replying to questions raised by the media, JMC-U secretary (2) Col. Wunna Aung said, “With regards to the Hpapun incident, discussion were conducted under the principles of reducing and eliminating conflicts in JMC, to do everything through discussion and negotiation between the two sides and to form JMC civilian representatives who will mediate between the two sides. Negotiations and discussions will continue.”

Similarly JMC-U Secretary(1) Dr. Shwe Kha said JMC-U 16th meeting day two continues JMC has the responsibility to monitor as well as working toward overcoming problems, avoiding, reducing and eliminating conflicts.

We did the best we can. As JMC could not resolve the matter directly, we have to find ways. We sent the civilian representatives of the JMC twice already. I think they went again for the third time. We try to resolve this matter through this way he said.

He continued and said “The government had provided detailed explanation about the reason for building this road. Arrangement made around March 29 and 30 failed and another arrangement is being made. Anyway, it is best to continue discussing. Arrangements are made to meet by the third week of May.”

At the 16th JMC meeting, decisions and records made at the second general meeting was approved. Discussion on KNU Brigade (5) matter was also conducted. Secretariat meeting of the various levels of JMC was held on 7 May and the second general meeting of JMC was held on 8 and 9 May respectively in Yangon.