Leaders in armed conflict areas expected to meet soon to reduce tension

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UNION Peace Dialogue Joint Committee (UPDJC) concluded its 18th meeting at the National Reconciliation and Peace Centre (NRPC) in Yangon yesterday.


 According to a participant at the meeting, which started on 12 September, leaders in armed conflict areas will meet to reduce the tension between both sides.

During the meeting, the peace makers discussed implementation of the resolution made at the previous meeting, the report on plan of JMC-U for next year, starting from 1st October, observation of peace making efforts in Myanmar by Norway, the implementation of ceasefire agreement between the 17th and 18th meetings, works of the local civilian monitoring (LCM) groups and drawing plans for the monitoring work at local-level.


“During the three-day meeting, we discussed the LCM issue. Regarding the LCM, we will carry out a pilot project in Shan, Kayin and Mon states. Therefore, we discussed the capability and measures to be taken by LCM. We made 15 resolutions in this three-day meeting, and the principles to be decided by JMC also came out in this meeting,”, said Dr. Shwe Khar. On the second day of the meeting, Lt-Gen Yar Pyae, Chairman of the Union-level Joint Monitoring Committee (JMCU), called for all sides in conflict areas to avoid area settlement and amassing military power to prevent armed conflicts, while everyone is working to build trust among each other. Asked how the meeting decided the proposal of the New Mon State Party to be included in the State-level Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC-S), Dr. Shwe Khar said the issue will be discussed at the Joint Implementation Coordination Meeting (JICM).

The 18th meeting also discussed the recruitment of the RCSS during the period between the 17th and 18th meetings, and JMC-S (Shan State) complained about the recruitment, according to the meeting.


 JMC also sent letters to the RCSS to solve the issue,as youth members of the NLC were also recruited by the RCSS, demanding the RCSS to release the people as soon as possible, according to the meeting. “We discussed a lot of issues related with RCSS in this meeting. We hope that we can meet the leaders of the RCSS soon.


The second thing is plans for holding a meeting between ground force commanders of both sides is under discussion. The ground force commanders of the RCSS and the Tatmadaw are expected to meet soon. I expect that the issue would be solved after the meeting,” said Dr. Shwe Khar. LCM groups will be formed in Mon and Shan states.