Military’s information team refutes fabrication about massive destruction in Rakhine

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The True news information Team of Defence Services refuted the fabrications of the Bangkok Post and the RB news Website that said 430 houses, most of which are farm huts, including 245 houses in Kyetyopyin Village and about 100 houses in Warpate Village, were burnt down.

In addition, the team at Defence Services that vets media allegations also refuted statements that about 700 houses in Dagyisar Village were damaged and about 80 people killed in a firefight on 12 November.

It has been discovered by the Union Government that there were six villages torched by members of the violent attackers in northern Rakhine, but some media members have accused government troops of arson.

As a result of the terrorists’ violence act, a total of 105 houses in Warpate Village, five houses in Kyetyopyin Village, three shops in Ngakhuya Village, three empty police posts in Myinlut Village, a dormitory for teachers at the middle school in Myinlut West Village, 60 houses in Dargyisar village, 50 houses in Gwasons Village, 50 houses in Pwintphyuchaung Village, totaling only 227 buildings were burnt down. Several news Media including the military owned Myawady newspaper released news about the fighting on 12 november on the same day and next day issues. in addition, there were only nine fightings, 61 arrests, 10 seizures of weapons and ammunition, 9 shootings to detain, three attacks, three roadside bomb attacks leading to the death of 69 violent attackers and the arrest of 234 violent attackers between 9 to 14 November.

The suspects were handed over to the Myanmar Police Force for necessary interrogation, 29 of whom have been sentenced in accordance with the law and 23 have been released as they did not related with the violent attacks.

In the area clearance operations, seven soldiers including one column commander sacrificed their lives for the country and five got injuries, and 10 police sacrificed their lives for the country and six were injured in the operations.

The measures are being taken to scrutinize the number of houses covered by The Bangkok Post in its 14 november issue and posted by RB news Website whether it was correct or not, the military information team will timely release the information related to the houses destroyed by fire in villages.

The military’s information team is releasing information related to area clearance operations by the government troops in Maungtaw for guarding the country’s sovereignty, for restoration law and order and community peace.