Elder village leader murdered in Maungtaw

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Members of the border Guard Police Command Centre in Makyichaung Village are questioning a man arrested by local residents in Gawduthera (West) Village suspected of murdering a village leader in Maungtaw, according to the State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee.

Germerl, an elder and head of the 100-household village of Gawduthera (West), Maungtaw Township, was found dead with wounds consistent with a sword slashing on his throat, head and chest near Gawduthera (South) Village on Thursday.

The victim reportedly went to Gawduthera (South) Village to have dinner at the home of harby eula on Thursday evening. At about7.30 pm, his family began to search for him after he failed to return home on time.

The head of the village reported the murder to the police command centre after local residents arrested a suspect by themselves.